The Boat

“The Boat” is a moving target. We have laid down some “must haves”, some “if at all possible”, some “nice to haves”, and finally some “that would be cool” requirements. However, from one day to the next the “perfect” boat changes. Granted, by definition there is no such thing as the “perfect boat” because there will always be compromises. It is a matter of what you are willing to compromise on. I will go into more details on our requirements and decisions later when I have more time to update/complete this page.

The Potential Candidates (In no particular order):

Lagoon 400/400 S2
Lagoon 420 or 420 (Second series but no S2 designator)
Lagoon 380
Lagoon 410
Lagoon 440
Lagoon 450
Lagoon 500

The “Want” Gear List (by no means a complete list and also in no particular order):

Air Conditioner (Maybe, maybe not…this could be low on the list…really depends on the situation/plan)
Lots and lots of solar panels. (The less we need diesel the better.)
Teak Decking on transoms & cockpit (Not high on the list but I just love teak.)
Water Maker (This should be on a must have list.)