The Crew


After nearly a decade of dreaming, and only four years into a five-year plan, we ditched suburbia on June 20, 2016 for a life at sea.

Captain Matt is a jack-of-all-trades – he is one of those guys who can do anything and fix anything – from house remodeling to pool pumps to car mishaps – and now boat repairs! Sometimes, he makes the situation worse before he makes it better, but in the end, he always gets it right! Matt looks forward to sharing his boat-fixing mistakes learning experiences with you along the way!

First Mate / Chef Michelle is a planner. She’s the one who put the family on a budget and figured out how much they needed to save to travel full-time. As soon as they put a contract on a sailboat, she started swearing and drinking more to gear up for life as a sailor. She looks forward to sharing her tips on how to downsize, live on a boat and not kill enjoy your family. She hopes to provide motivation for you to do the same!

Austin & Zach – Irish Twins! Born 13 months apart (ahem), they provide Michelle and Matt with loads of comedic fodder, which will be shared unabashedly. The boys are 10 & 11 years old and never leave their iPads are full of curiosity! Boat school adventures await! Learn with us as we make the transition from public elementary school to boatschool.

Flicka, Bebo, and Ninja – oh yeah, we thought we’d also bring two dogs and a cat on board with us. Because of course. One pees everywhere, one is obese, and one is just an ass. Should be fabulous!

Part-time Crew: Kade – 17 years old – he will come for month-long visits over summers and most holidays and long weekends.

MORE? We had three guys help Matt cross the Gulf in October 2015. And we will most likely recruit crew for any multi-day crossings in the future. If you are interested, send us an email!